The beginning

It all started on a trip home, to my family.

I heard my sister singing and playing the piano at home, my mother  81 years old, and the youngest child 2 and a half, singing along. I was sitting quite, listening, admiring; I felt part of the family but not part of the group. I felt resignated. However, I was really impressed by how far passion, dedication and study can bring you, even if you have limited time for accomplishing a task, having to run a large family with 3 little children. The 3, not exactly embodying what you'd define calm and obedient children, " " "they are my life" " "! She must have noticed some kind of nostalgia, longing, yearning, deception and resignation along with passion for beautiful music and arts in general, in my face. She really must have seen that all. I saw her suddenly breaking up the performance and with her hands still hanging wide over the keyboard asked me: "would you like to try some solfeggios?" I promptly answered yes!!! (not even knowing what it was... but knowing it was music! it was... making music!!) ......................what are solfeggios??? (I added 3 seconds later). I felt pure joy inside, that feeling was so overwhelming that I did not hear her teaching me about the solfeggios. I was rewinding the moments with her question, my sudden answer and my feelings, and I was mourning in my heart, the years I had wasted not exactly knowing what I liked to do most in life and why I never had an answer whenever I'd asked myself that question before. Now I realise it was lack of courage and confidence; so deep, that I consciously never even dared to thing about it as an option or even just as a hobby. When I woke up from the trance, I heard her saying: "you could get a keybord, even a children keybord toy will do for the start", and I replied: "No! It will be a bass! It will be a bass guitar!"

Now I felt like released; like on the first day of a new life, my real life!!

When I left to go back to where I work and live, which is 2500 Km away from my parent's home, my sister made sure I had both the musical theory and the solfeggio books in my suitcase, and assured me, she could grant at least one hour lesson a week over the internet. For me, more than enough, given my work , the gym, the social life and last but not least my age! Over  ......rty, body and mind no longer respond so easily and quick like in childwood. The process of memorising takes much longer, and the adjustements and dexterity of the hands, especially the fretting hand, must be taken with much care, sensibility and effort, to avoid permanent injuries that could affect not only my playing the bass, but also my  normal everyday life. For me, not being able to play the bass, workout regularly in the gym, using the computer, would have a major negative impact on the quality of my active life and the sense of it. Considering, it might take me a few other decades to discover something new that really pleases me, and doesn't require much use of the hands.

Of course, life can be interesting also just listening to music made by others, watching sports in tv. I'm definitely not that kind of human being. I was fortunate to be born healthy, so why waste it just for stupidity!

There is one guy on the web, missing his right arm, he plays wonderfully the bass guitar only with his left arm. Another young man, still on the web, missing his both arms, probably a congenital malformation, he plays the acoustic guitar with his toes, and it sounds great! The two are my idols, heros, best favourite musicians!


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